Yeast cell factory for mRNA bioproduction



project start, launch of X and LinkedIn

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05/05/2022 - 06/05/2022

kick-off meeting, Orléans (France)

16/05/2022 - 19/05/2022

ASGCT Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. (USA)

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launch of project website

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mVaccil Workshop, UAVR Aveiro (Portugal)

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13/06/2022 - 17/06/2022

Monolith Summer Symposium (MSS) 2022, Portoroz (Slovenia)

21/06/2022 - 24/06/2022

FOCIS Conference, San Francisco (USA)

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Nanomedicine Workshop, Paris (France)

26/07/2022 - 28/07/2022

2nd Annual mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit, Boston (USA)

25/09/2022 - 28/09/2022

Biopartitioning and Purification Conference (BPP) 2022, Aveiro (Portugal)

24/04/2023 - 28/04/2023

Congress on Ionic Liquids (COIL-9), Lyon (France)

21/06/2023 - 22/06/2023

International Conference on Ionic Liquids in Separation and Purification Technology (ICILSPT), Venice (Italy)


launch of Yscript YouTube channel, release of official project film

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End of project