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Yscript partner BIA Separations hosts Monolith Summer Symposium 2022

On June 13 - 17, BIASEP, a partner in the Yscript consortium, hosted the 9th Monolith Summer Symposium in Portoroz, Slovenia. The hybrid event brought together scientists and experts in the field of gene therapy from all over Europe, the USA, India, Thailand, Japan and Russia. BIASEP used the opportunity to shortly inform about the Yscript project and overall mission.

The symposium focused on purification and analytical challenges for large biomolecules used as vaccines or gene therapy vectors, including viruses, mRNA, pDNA, and exosomes with speakers including Aleš Štrancar, Urh Černigoj and Rok Sekirnik from the Yscript consortium (BIASEP), among others. Besides scientific lectures and key notes, the attendees had the opportunity to participate in different workshops on mRNA purification, PATfix and AAV purification. Several poster presentations were held as well, and on the final day the best posters as well as young researchers’ presentations were awarded. Rok Miklavčič from the Yscript consortium (also BIASEP) received the first prize for his Young Researchers’ Corner presentation on novel approaches to mRNA purification.

Information on other upcoming workshops and events related to biotechnology and mRNA research with Yscript participation can be found here.

Rok Sekirnik, BIA Separations
Urh Černigoj, BIA Separations
Aleš Štrancar, BIA Separations
Rok Miklavčič, BIA Separations