Yeast cell factory for mRNA bioproduction

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The University of Beira Interior (UBI) is one of the youngest public universities in Portugal and a member of the UNITA Consortium. UBI is committed to advancing knowledge and technology and developing innovative products and solutions for industry and society. The UBI research ecosystem encompasses 18 research units performing research in all areas of knowledge in alignment with the European, national, and regional priorities and the ONU sustainable development goals. The Health Sciences Research Centre of UBI (CICS-UBI), is located at the Faculty of Health Sciences building, and is part of the Beiras Clinical Academic Centre, enhancing close interactions between researchers and clinicians. The cutting-edge core-facilities include BioImaging and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance units which belong to the roadmap of FCT research infrastructures, an up-to-date animal facility, and laboratories for cell culture, genomics, proteomics, flow-cytometry, electrophysiology, microbiology, chromatography, organic synthesis, and pharmaceutical technology. The innovation and technology incubator/accelerator UBIMedical boosts the desired communication between research and business.

Role within Yscript

In Yscript, UBI will mainly develop activities within Work Package 3, particularly focused on the screening and establishment of the most suitable conditions for mRNA purification and stabilization.

Our vision for Yscript

Yscript gives us the opportunity to develop research on a highly relevant and impactful topic with a great and very motivated team.

- from Fani Sousa

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