Yeast cell factory for mRNA bioproduction
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Yscript is performed in the Cell signalling, molecular Targets and Innovative therapies of CBM, a CNRS research unit affiliated to the University of Orléans. Pichon’s lab aims to decipher molecular biological processes and conceive therapeutic strategies. The team gathers researchers who have a strong experience and skills in non-viral (chemical and physical) nucleic acids delivery, mRNA-based therapies, yeast biology, cell signalling and intracellular trafficking.

Role within Yscript

Pichon’s lab has been at the proposition of mRNA bioproduction in yeast. The team has obtained the proof of concept of mRNA bioproduction in yeast which has been patented. CNRS is the leader of Yscript with the support of EURICE for the management. CNRS is also the lead participant for WP1 dedicated to the expression and accumulation of heterologous mRNA in yeast. With its pivotal role, CNRS is involved in different WPs, mainly in WP4 for the biological validation of the bioproduced mRNAs with TRON.

Our vision for Yscript

A large part of the world´s population is unable to benefit from new technologies biomedicines due to social disparities. Yscript’s challenge is to promote the development of affordable mRNA therapeutics available for citizens all over the world.

- from Chantal Pichon

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Chantal Pichon
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